We live in a dynamic world in which alternating stress, fatigue and lack of free time. Increasingly, we begin to ask ourselves, what would we supplied pleasure and would make us feel happy and relaxed? Fitness, functional training, sauna or steam bath? Perhaps a relaxing massage on the background of soothing music and a candle flame?
Do not waste time – FitnessOne will take care of you! Our goal is your perfect vision combined with Excellent health.
Opened its doors in May 2010 with the idea in a warm and cozy atmosphere to shape and strengthen your body.
FitnessOne is equipped with high-end professional cardio and strength equipment of the American company CYBEX, including one of the best rowing machine in the world – Consept 2. Working with these appliances off harmful impact load on the joints, develop flexibility and endurance. This enables training, regardless of age and physical condition. Our instructors will cater for your individual training program, personal diet and functional personal record.
Technology, functionality, combined with a unique atmosphere, steam bath, sauna, golden massage room, a protein bar, coffee – these are just some of the pleasures that our professional instructors and therapists will help you feel in perfect shape, and refreshingly with new strength and energy.
FitnessOne has a professional sound system, air conditioning and ventilattsiya, male and female changing rooms with modern showers and bathrooms.
Get rid of stress and negative emotions! 
In FitnessOne idea was turned into friendship!